SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 Workshop on
Haptic Media and Contents Design

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Thank you for coming to the workshop and sharing ideas, knowledges and the atmosphere !!
See you Asia Haptics 2016 on Nov. 29 - Dec.1 at Kashiwanoha, Japan.
and Haptic course in Japanese language on Nov. 27, 2015 at Kusatsu (near Kyoto), Japan.


Preparing for the new haptic UIs on the next generation contents platforms, this half-day workshop aims to share knowledge on haptic media and content design. In the past two decades, haptic community seeks feasible haptic UIs and haptic perception principles. Revealing of the principles brings inventions; even a fixed force sensor with a wide range vibrator can generate rich perceptions of tapping, dragging, scratching, colliding and crashing on various materials. For the watch and the recent Mac books, Apple deploys this setup. So, now, haptics is about to jump out from psychology labs to media and contents for everyday life. The baton is passed to us, media and contents researchers / designers of the SIGGRAPH Asia community. Moreover, in addition to the flat haptic devices, various objects regarding haptics for everyday life are also researched and developed as future media. The workshop also aims to review these wide meaning "haptic interfaces" and seeks possibilities of these new media. The workshop will consist of 1.5 hours of invited oral presentations followed by 1.5 hours of demos and posters from open call.

Date and Venue

Afternoon on November 2, the first day of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015   @   Kobe Convention Center

The workshop

The workshop will start from three invited talks which indicate directions of "haptic media and contents design" and their impacts on everyday life. The following demo and poster session will show emerging haptic media technologies, new techniques on contents design and haptic related new expressions. In this session, all participants can actually touch them and feel the real experiences.

Invited talks

Details are on the invited talk's page.


The video above previews some of the demos.

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